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FLOCK-REPROD European research project

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The goats of the FLOCK-REPROD project

The European caprine livestock is made up of 13.2 million goats. Countries involved in FLOCK-REPROD project hold more than 80% of the European caprine livestock and provide almost 90% of the supply of European milk production.

The project involves the 11 most important breeds from the European goat-milk industry: Saânen and Alpine goats which are very widespread in Europe and also local breeds from Spain (Murciano-Granadina), Italy (Sarda), Portugal (Serrana), Greece (Capra prisca, Skopelos, Damascus) and Romania (Carpathian and White of Banat).
FLOCK-REPROD includes both highly seasonal breeds from North-Central Europe and moderate seasonal breeds from Southern Europe.
The different goat production systems are also included in the project :

  • extensive (Greece, South of Italy)
  • semi-extensive (Spain, Portugal)
  • intensive systems (France, Romania, North Italy and Croatia).

This diversity will ensure that the Flock-Reprod protocols validated in the project are relevant and transferrable to the entire EU goat industry.